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Welcome to the 2020 Open Education Conference! The conference was held November 9-13, 2020 and recordings are available to explore and enjoy anytime. Watch this video for an update on plans for #OpenEd21 and sign up to stay in the loop! Contact us: contact@openeducationconference.org.

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Monday, November 9

7:30pm EST

Collaborative Creation between Librarians and English Faculty: Communication and Planning for OER Textbooks View AnytimeSarah LeMire • Kathy Anders • Terri Pantuso Creating an OER: 101 View AnytimeDr. R. Ann O'Connor Creating Open Resources: An Example View AnytimeLauren Woolsey Leading by Example: "Opening up" Library Tutorials View AnytimeJaclyn Chambers Page • Siscoe Boschman Learning About Open Educational Resources View AnytimeMichael L. Porter Off to a Roaring Start: Successes and Lessons from Year One of OER and Textbook Affordability Initiatives" View AnytimeDerek Malone • Jennifer L. Pate Starting OER: Advocacy and Promotion View AnytimeRuth Monnier Thinking about Adapting a Textbook? Tips We Learned Along the Way View AnytimeRobin Ewing • Cindy Gruwell An Open Annotated Bibliography Case Study View AnytimeColby Moorberg Assess at the Speed of Learning View AnytimeCarla Rossiter-Smith Creating a Health Assessment Open Resource for a Nursing Program and Beyond View AnytimeAlison Yu • Raquel Bertiz • Ching-Chuen Feng • Michelle Agostini Designing an OER Advocacy Infographic View AnytimeJudith Sebesta High Quality Figures for an OER Course in Chemistry on Libretexts View AnytimeKarsten Theis Journeys through OER: Past, Present, and Future Adventures and Understandings View AnytimeFeng-Ru Sheu • Judy Orton Grissett Introducing The Open Pipeline View AnytimeRoss McKerlich Publishing Reimagined: An Overview of OER Publishing Services at the University of Texas at Arlington View AnytimeMichelle Reed • Danny Grigg • Jasmine Bridges Systematic Planning for Educating and Attitude Changing Events and Initiatives on OER View AnytimeXiaojing Kou • Rebecca Ramsey Taking Over OER: Evolving an Established OER Program View AnytimeSamantha Harlow • Melody Rood The Use of Open Educational Resources and the Effect on Student Success View AnytimeLisa Jellum
Tuesday, November 10

7:30pm EST

Unlikely Partners: Harnessing Student Enthusiasm to Create an OER Grant View AnytimeBetty Garrison • Jesse Akman • Robert Miley Creating a STEAM Textbook as a Learning Tool View Anytimejennifer swann Faculty Cohort Program: Semester-Long Learning Community on OER View AnytimeEmily Frank How Distance Learners Create Open Online Support Communities on Twitter View AnytimeOlivia Kelly Use it, Adapt it! New Tutorial on APA Citation View AnytimeSarah Adams Use of Digital Reusable Assignments to Supplement and Support OER Adoption and Increase Student Engagement in a Human Physiology Course View AnytimeMoriana Garcia • Jon Holz Ethical Dilemmas in an Open Technical Communication Textbook: Lessons in Audience Awareness View AnytimeTamara Powell • Tiffani Tijerina Transforming the lesson View AnytimeCarolee Clyne • William Gottschall Campus Innovation, System Support, and External Partners: Building a Sustainable Spanish Project View AnytimeEd Beck • John Urang • Elizabeth Small Providing no-cost, sustainable learning materials for organic chemistry students View AnytimeDawn (Nikki) Cannon-Rech • Christine Whitlock • Shainaz Landge • Isaac Graves • Alex Whitlock • Karelle Aiken • Rafael Quirino • Abid Shaikh • Hans Schanz Student-created Open Educational Resources in a First-year Writing Context View AnytimeJason Godfrey Studying an Affordable Learning Program with Data: PALNI’s Plan, Tools, and Results View AnytimeAmanda Hurford • Erin Milanese The 5Rs+2, the Rights of Learners to Read and Reach OER View AnytimeJosh Halpern The Student OER Advocacy Training Guide: A look into Developing Sustainable, Inclusive Internship Practices View AnytimeJen Hughes • Andrea Scott French-Language OER in Québec: Challenges and Opportunities View AnytimeChloe Lei • Jean-Michel Lapointe OER & the Digital Learning Innovation Trends Report View AnytimeTanya Joosten • Kate Lee-McCarthy
Wednesday, November 11

7:30pm EST

Our Powers Combined: An Open Ed Collaboration Between a Librarian and a Professor View AnytimeKathy Dolan • Jennie Law Oh wE aRe in the Dark! [OER in the Dark!] Reconnecting Learning in Disconnected Spaces View AnytimeElaine Correa • Sandra Bozarth Pushing Open During an Unprecedented Pandemic View AnytimeKimberly Yadon • Dustin Fife Redefining the Textbook and Embedding Calculators for Online Exams View AnytimeLarry Green Striving for affordability and access: Reimagining undergraduate courses in times of COVID-19 View AnytimeElla Smith-Justice • Jennifer Dugan They Made it Look Effortless: OER in Faculty Professional Development in a Pandemic View AnytimeBob Casper • Allan Heaps • Christy Aceves • Gina Persichini • Greg Snow Utilizing Video Tutorials and Improvised Techniques in Online Lab Courses View AnytimeNatalie Stickney Advocacy Starts at Home: Supporting OER as a Parent/Community Member in K-12 Education View AnytimeStacy Katz 5 Apps and 5 Techniques to Create Engaging Online Classes View AnytimeFlorencia Gabriele • Mariella Hansen A General Education Science OER by Nonmajor Students View AnytimeHeather Miceli Classroom Culture: Fostering Inclusivity in the Digital World of ESL View AnytimeCaroline Kim Customizing Textbooks without Publishers: Empowering MATH Faculty to Create an Open Educational Resource (OER) View AnytimeBruce Herbert • Samantha Shields • Angela Allen • Kathryn Bollinger • Vanessa Coffelt • Jennifer Whitfield Peer-assisted Learning through Open Research Education: a Medical Student’s Perspective View AnytimeKevin Alvaro Handoko • Matthieu Pierre • Martina Miklavčič Reimagining OER Discovery: Mapping OER to Transfer Courses View AnytimeJenise Overmier • Sophie Rondeau • Paula Kiser Teaching Lysistrata in an Age of Protest View AnytimeJessalynn Bird The Carpentries Instructor Training Program: A Case Study View AnytimeSerah Njambi • Kari Jordan • Karen Word Applying OE to Faculty Support & Program Management: The Instructor’s Workbook View AnytimeMaeve Dion Libraries and Centers for Teaching and Learning: A Match Made in OER Heaven View AnytimeHeather Biedermann • Kimberly Johnson
Thursday, November 12

7:30pm EST

Education Without Borders View AnytimeLiubov Tupikina Bauer Global Perspectives in Open Ed: Opportunities for the Present and Future View AnytimeSpencer Ellis • Sandeep Patil Creating a CRT-enabled Open Pedagogy in Online Courses: An Example of a Renewable Assignment View AnytimeDibyajyoti Bhattacharya Integration of Student Perception Data with Multi-mode Learning Analytics for Continuous Improvement of Course Materials View AnytimeMick Davis Journalism Education Resources for Sustaining Democracy View AnytimeAllison Lichter Joseph • Blake Eskin Navigating Creating Upper-Level OER for Science Electives View AnytimeAdelaide Clark OER is Served: Framing OER as a Service to Stakeholders View AnytimeSara Tabaei • Georgia Westbrook Supplement Your Foreign Language Class with OER View AnytimeGemma Morawski • Ani Alcocer Does relationship building hold the key to the inclusion of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in OERs? View AnytimeLauren Bourdages Driving Change in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights with Open Education View AnytimeEglė Janušonytė • Ieva Berankytė • Laura Lalucat • Fatima Rodriguez Learner Empowerment through Canada's 94 Calls to Action View AnytimeJessica O'Reilly The Femedtech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education View AnytimeFrances Bell • Anne-Marie Scott Using Open Pedagogy to Support Inclusive, Student-Centered Open Educational Practice: Lessons From the Field View AnytimeWill Cross • Lindsey Gumb • Heather Miceli Boots on the Ground: Leveraging Practitioner Perspectives on Open Education in New England View AnytimeLindsey Gumb Cracking The Disciplines Open: How I’m Bringing Open into Political Science, and Why You Should Consider Cracking Your Field Open, Too View AnytimeShawna Brandle ICT Training to Unemployed Women View Anytimehubert senga Moving from OER for Students to OER with Students View AnytimeMelissa Randall Open Education Leadership Project Showcase View AnytimeDawn (Nikki) Cannon-Rech • Sonya Lockett • Hailey Babb Write Once, Publish Everywhere: Developing an Efficient Workflow for Multiplatform OER Publishing View AnytimeMatthew LeHew
Friday, November 13

3:30pm EST

How the Cengage/McGraw-Hill Merger Failed and What it Means for Open Education View AnytimeNicole Attenuated Democracy: A New OER Textbook for U.S. Government Courses View AnytimeDavid Hubert Co-curating Open Knowledge for Educational Justice? A Metadata Meeting of the Minds View AnytimeGarrett Graddy-Lovelace Collaborative Open Educational Practices: Sharing Evidence-based OER to Facilitate Meaningful Adaptation View AnytimeTomo Nagashima • Anna Bartel • Nicholas Vest • Elena Silla • Martha Alibali Comparative Analysis of an Open Educational Resource Textbook and Commercial Textbook on Student Outcomes in an Online Nursing Course View AnytimeJamie Murphy • Nancy Winters Digital Literacy OER: Creating View AnytimeKatsusuke Shigeta • Hiroaki Tanaka Discovering Physical Science Concepts From Everyday Materials View AnytimeSkanda Vivek • Sairam Tangirala Open RN Poster Presentation View AnytimeVince Mussehl • Kim Ernstmeyer Open-Source Digital Tools in Open Pedagogy Projects at Baruch and York Colleges, CUNY View AnytimeKatherine Tsan Scaffolding Open Textbook Project in an Undergraduate Core Curriculum Classroom View AnytimeJennifer Coronado Bigger is Better: Collaboration and Codification of OER in Colorado View AnytimeMargaret (Meg) Brown-Sica • Dustin Fife • Spencer Ellis • Jaimie Henthorn Developing Faculty Advocates through a Textbook Affordability Summer Symposium View AnytimeMandi Goodsett Empathy is the New Design for OER Development View AnytimeEnoch Park KQED Media Academy: Designing Open PD that is Truly Open to All Educators View AnytimeRandall Depew • Rik Panganiban Open Pedagogy, or How to Save the Open Educational Resource Movement View AnytimeNicolas Simon • Hamish Lutris Sharing OER Adoptions Statewide: Open Oregon Resources and Z-Degree Applications View AnytimeTamara Marnell Sustainable Textbooks through Curation of Student Work View AnytimeKathy DesRoches Open at the Edges, or the Edges of Open: Futures in Scholarly Collaboration View AnytimeBilly Meinke-Lau
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